Tips to improve photography

Tips to improve photography

1. Take photos

You don’t learn photography by reading. Buy equipment, go on YouTube. You will only learn to take pictures by taking pictures. Go out and take pictures. As often and as much as you can. Never let “I have no time” apply.

2. Take photos on the doorstep

Don’t just take photos while traveling. Don’t be one of those people who buy expensive photo equipment for a trip that then collects dust at home. Don’t wait for your next trip. Always take photos , take photos at home . Always be on the lookout for motifs.

3. Take photos everywhere

Get in the habit of taking the camera with you wherever you go. Don’t let any opportunity pass you by. Also take pictures of things that are not your focus. Discover new areas. Think outside the box.

4. Try new things

Just don’t stick to what you can already do. Try new techniques. Working with artificial light, macro photography, and party photography. Also try what doesn’t appeal to you. Make something good out of it. Every thoughtful photo takes you further.

5. Stop worrying about your equipment

Forget thoughts like “I would only have this camera / lens / filter …”. It doesn’t matter what equipment you have. You don’t need a Lamborghini to learn to drive. Just drive!

6. Take care of your photos

Stop shooting for hard drive today. Take photos for a goal. Hang up your photos. Give away portraits to loved ones. Send landscape photos as postcards. Photograph animal portraits for the shelter. Use your photos!

7. Sort your photos

Organize your photos. Erase the bad ones. You don’t want 100 folders with lousy photos from your early days. Keep the best 5 or 10% at most. Be consistent with it. Sort out after each photo session.

8. Take yourself seriously

Banish the thought that you cannot take photos. Tell them that you take pictures. Be known as “the photographer”. If you don’t believe in yourself who else will? Are your photos bad? Continue with first tip.

9. Look at other photos

That is one of the most important tips. From now on, take a conscious look at other photos. Whenever you see one Analyze it. Do you like it? Is it a good photo? Why? Why not? What did the photographer do good or bad? How are you doing better?

10. Have idols

Find your favorite photographer. Whether in an art gallery or on Instagram. See which photos appeal to and inspire you. Buy picture books or go to exhibitions. Never forget to admire and praise work for other photographers. What is so good about these photos?

11. Copy

Yes, you read that right. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel. Copy great photos. Recreate great ideas. Copper off. Get tips and implement them. You will develop your own style all by yourself anyway.

12. Be careful with photo communities’ and Facebook groups

Some groups are poison. Take care of it. The tips are not always useful. In many Facebook groups and other communities there is not a good climate for you if you seriously want to advance your photography. When in doubt, avoid them.

13. Don’t be discouraged

They’ll tell you your photo sucks. Wonderful. Find out why that is and make a better one. Just don’t stop. Always reflect, but don’t be broken in doubt. Take criticism and move on.

14. Listen to the others

Your worst critics are the people who are close to you. They will always say your photos are great. Ask other people. Ask successful photographers. But be prepared: They are relentlessly telling you the truth. Implement their tips. By the way, you can also ask us!

15. Don’t listen to others

Listen to others but also do not listen to certain type of people. But don’t start rotating. Don’t assume that each of your reviewers is a good photographer or teacher. Never try to please everyone or take photos for others.

16. Know your camera by heart

There is no getting around knowing your camera and the settings . Take your time for it. Read the manual. Learn the interplay of exposure time, aperture and ISO. There’s no other possibility.

17. Don’t invest in equipment, invest in knowledge

Don’t buy more equipment, book a coaching or workshop, buy a book or even go on a photo trip . It is suggested to you that you take better photos with more equipment. It’s not like this. Instead, expand your photography knowledge.

18. Take photos even more in crap weather

Have you already internalized that you always take photos? Just don’t let bad weather stop you. You can discover completely new sides of photography here. Master the crap weather!

19. Make your dreams come true

Make a list of things, places, or situations that you would like to photograph someday. Take one of them up for a short time and make it happen. It will feel amazing!

20. Watch the world

Forget your cell phone. When you are outside, look at the world. There is a motif in every detail around you. Find it. Learn to rediscover the beauty of the world like a child. Be curious and attentive.


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